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Your Unicorn Finances: An Honest Discussion about Money and Careers

27 March 2024

2:00pm ET

Money! It plays such an integral role in our lives today, but is often a source of stress and anxiety. What if we had a way to feel empowered when thinking about money, especially as it relates to our careers? If we consider money as a tool that we can control, rather than something that controls us, it can become a powerful mechanism to provide us with the financial freedom to build the career and life we want. In this webinar, Professional Speaker and STEM Career Coach Alaina G. Levine and Science Communications Consultant and former Editor for Custom Publishing at the journal Science, Sean Sanders, will engage in a frank conversation about money. We will address how to look at money as a tool, how to get started with saving, and how to approach money as it relates to career advancement, job searches, and salary negotiation. We will provide a framework for you to get started today to achieve your professional and financial goals, and most importantly, to use money as a way to Create Your Unicorn Career(TM): the customized, authentic career that brings you joy, meaning, AND MONEY.

This is the first in a series of webinars in 2024 with a focus on helping and empowering you to Create Your Unicorn CareerTM and Your Unicorn Life.

Learning Objectives: In this webinar, audience members will:

  • Learn to decrease fear and increase power as it relates to your personal money journey
  • Discover ways to begin thinking about your future financial freedom and start saving now
  • Clarify your career and financial goals and plot the pathways to get there
  • Develop a framework to create the career and life you want through financial awareness and planning

Attendees will receive a value-packed resource sheet with tons of additional information to help you set your own money goals into motion and Create Your Unicorn Career(TM) and Unicorn Life.


Your Speakers:

Alaina G. Levine


Quantum Success Solutions, LLC

Alaina G. Levine is an award-winning keynote speaker, career and speaking coach, TEDx speaker, science writer, and corporate comedian. She is the author of two books, Networking for Nerds (Wiley), which beat out Einstein (really!) for the honor of being named a Top 5 Book of the Year, and Create Your Unicorn Career(TM)! (forthcoming). As President of Quantum Success Solutions, LLC, she is a prolific speaker, emcee, and expert on career and workforce development, networking, and leveraging failure for innovation, and has delivered ~1000 speeches for clients in 15 nations and 5 continents. She has written close to 500 articles in publications like Science, Scientific American, National Geographic News Watch, World Economic Forum, and Smithsonian, including her popular “Create Your Unicorn CareerTM” column, which appeared in Science. She studied at the American University in Cairo as a US Department of Defense Boren Fellow, and holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and anthropology from the University of Arizona, where as a student, she competed in national billiard tournaments under her moniker, Lady Dyn-o-mite.


Sean Sanders, Ph.D.

Science Communications Consultant

Al Dente Solutions LLC

Sean Sanders, Ph.D. has transitioned through several careers in his 50+ years on Earth. After completing his undergraduate studies in South Africa and a Ph.D. in molecular biology in the United Kingdom, he did postdoctoral research in the cancer field at the National Institutes of Health and Georgetown University, followed by a 4-year stint in the biopharma industry. He then moved into scientific publishing, spending over 16 years at the journal Science. In 2023, he pivoted to his most recent career phase as a science communications consultant with a passion for helping early-career scientists succeed in their careers and in life. He’s also a professional dog trainer!


We are not finance professionals and are not giving you financial advice. These webinars are for informational and entertainment purposes only, and are not intended in any way to be seen as a substitute for consulting a financial professional when making important money-related decisions.


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