Alaina G. Levine and Quantum Success Solutions, LLC

Helping organizations recruit, retain, and inspire talent

Alaina helps organizations attract, retain, and grow talent through innovative and effective career development strategies, coaching packages, and training. Consulting serves:

  • Associations: Develop and deploy strategies, resources, and content for brand amplification, and membership engagement & growth
  • Universities: Collaborate with units such as Career Services, Graduate School, Postdoc Office, Alumni Affairs, and STEM colleges & departments to develop and launch curriculum for STEM career development & guidance, and alumni engagement
  • Companies and Government Agencies: Build and enhance career resources that reaffirm your commitment to growing and sustaining talent, especially high potential, emerging leaders and new hires in R&D organizations

Let’s talk! I want to learn about your organization’s goals and share how integrating a customized career development strategy can advance your mission!

Alaina with career consultations board