Keynote Speaker. Career Coach. Author. Award-winning Entrepreneur. Ignitor of Innovation.  Ambassador of Authenticity.

Keynote Speaker. Career Coach. Author. Award-winning Entrepreneur. Ignitor of Innovation. Ambassador of Authenticity.

Alaina G. Levine is an international professional speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, STEM career coach and consultant, TEDx speaker, science journalist, and corporate comedian.

Her newest book, the forthcoming Your Unicorn Career, named after her successful column in Science, empowers anyone to create a customized career that honors your authenticity and values; allows you to define impact and success in a meaningful and personal way; and use skills and solve problems that bring you joy. Her first book, Networking for Nerds (Wiley, 2015), beat out Einstein (really!) for the honor of being named a Top 5 Book of 2015 by Physics Today.

As President of Quantum Success Solutions, LLC, Alaina is a prolific speaker and writer on career development and professional advancement for STEM Nerds (engineers, scientists, and technical leaders) and Word Nerds (journalists, communicators, writers, and PR Professionals). Key Accomplishments:

  • Delivered nearly 1000 keynotes and webinars for clients in the US, EU, Mexico, Canada, Africa, Asia, and South America
  • When she lost the majority of her income at the dawn of the pandemic, she leveraged her entrepreneurial and marketing skills to make 2020 her best year yet, delivering over 100 virtual keynotes, workshops and panel moderations (a skill she teaches her clients and audiences!)
  • She has written close to 500 articles in publications like Science, Nature, Scientific American, National Geographic News Watch, World Economic Forum, and Smithsonian.
  • Her column, “Your Unicorn Career,” appears in Science Magazine (1 million plus readers per week)
  • Alaina authored two online courses for Oxford University Press on career development and entrepreneurship
  • She has served as a consultant, speaker, and writer for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings, the largest aggregation of Nobel Laureates outside of Sweden.
  • Leads international events including a recent conference on phononics (the science of sound).
  • As a career coach and consultant, she helps thousands of individuals in diverse fields, professions, industries, and regions create and land their Unicorn Careers.
  • As a consultant, Alaina enables organizations, associations, universities, and agencies to craft comprehensive career development strategies for attracting, retaining, and growing talent.
  • Holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and anthropology from the University of Arizona; a certificate in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Arizona; and studied at the American University in Cairo as a US Department of Defense Boren Fellow. She was fluent in Arabic.

Interesting factoids:

  • Beating Einstein: Alaina beat out Einstein (really!) to take a top honor for her first book, Networking for Nerds.
  • Playing Pool: Alaina was a championship billiards player at university, where she competed in national tournaments, took first place in the University of Arizona competition, and played under the moniker Lady Dyn-o-mite.
  • Protecting Nerds: As a skillful panel moderator, Alaina once effectively prevented a fist fight on stage during a panel with Nobel Laureates and the CEO of a billion-dollar multinational company. No nerds were harmed.
  • Celebrating Uniqueness: A fashionista, Alaina loves chucks and blazers and is known for her colorful, sparkly, and bright outfits. She owns 25 pairs of Converse and 60 suits and got married in custom wedding high tops. She encourages everyone to embrace and celebrate their unique unicorn style!

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